Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thank Heavens!

I thought about these pictures today when looking at someone else's blog and thought they'd be fun to post here. When Beau and I went on our honeymoon right after we were married, we found this booth that determined what your future children would look like. Being newly weds, we thought this would be great fun to do before we had our children and compare the real thing when it happened. Here's our future son!
Maybe it's just because I'm the parent, but I think the real thing, little Isaac, turned out WAY cuter than this! But who knows, maybe we'll be looking at this kid when he turns 9 or 10. For his image in Junior High, hopefully not!
Here is our lovely girl. Now that we've had two, neither compare! Maybe she wouldn't look so bad if she had a smile on her face... especially a smile like Mirians. All I can say is, luckily our genes have turned out better than this!

Here are the actual ones... so far. Our real future kids. I don't think we did too bad so far.

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Cher said...

How fun! That booth is really neat. Where did you find it? And Yes, your kids are sooooo much cuter than that booth predicted;)