Tuesday, March 04, 2008

See the truth.

I love to use picassa, it is a quick easy way for me to flip through pictures, and find things when I need them since I am not an organized person. It's also easy to post to my blog that way. Sometimes when I'm flipping through it the girls will come in and want to sit on a my lap and view all of them (impossible we soo many pictures) but they love to see their baby pictures, and of things we've done together.

Lately though as we've been flipping through them you begin to see yourself in a whole new perspective. You see what your normal day life is like without even realizing it. You begin to see things in yourself and start recognizing things that might not be so noticeable. Have you ever wondered.

What you wear on most days?
How often you get showered and do yourself up?
What the condition of your home is like most of the time?
How much weight you have put on or how much you have lost?
How much you interact with the kids?
If your kids seem genuinely happy?
What you view as important events in your life that you take photos of?
How many photos are perfect photos and how many are real life?
How often you get out of the house.
The real test is when you find pictures on your camera that your children have somehow put there. What were you doing when they snapped the picture - does it tell a lot about how you spend your time?

It can be a real eye opener. Go for walk down memory lane, you'll realize how great life really has been for you, and you also might see a glimpse of those things that really are your weaknesses. But most of all if your kids are looking through them with you, you'll give them a sense of self, a sense of importance and one of belonging.
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