Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Funny things.

We went out of town this last weekend and the kids said a few funny things. I've decided to repent of my ways and write them down since I know in a few years from now I won't remember any of them.

Lately Mirian's big saying happens when we're in the car and she starts getting tired. She screams out in distress like the world has ended and declares "My eyes are falling asleep! I don't want my eyes to fall asleep!" Over and over, she'll repeat it. "My eyes are falling asleep," while she whines, cries and fights it really hard.

We stayed an my Grandma Fielding's house while we were there and I don't think Savannah ever stayed there over night. She was walking around with my mom and came upon Grandma Fieldings bedroom, and asked my mom whose room it was. "Does she sleep in here all by her little ole lonesome? Well the bathroom is right there so I guess that makes it alright."

Later we were at my sister and brother in law's house. He is a hunter and has a bunch of deer horns hanging up in his office. Savannah was in there with her cousin playing and they were talking about the "elk" horns. My mom clarified for them and said that they were actually deer horns. Savannah took a good long look at them and said "I guess Jeremy must have eaten all of their bodies."

They are just too much fun sometimes.
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