Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Your Actual

I am so excited to share my new exciting project! YourActual.com. About a month ago my friend Mandy posted this thread on her blog. She talked about her needing to make art based on her every day life. Her actual. Not what she would like her life to be like, or just pretty art. Art that deals with life, life topics, things she was experiencing and going through.

Her thread really hit home with me - a lot. So we started emailing back and forth and getting excited about the fact that there was someone else out there that was as passionate about doing art out there as we were. And passionate about the same direction we would like to head with it.

I've enjoyed doing my scrapbooking, and it's been fun. But lately it just hasn't been cutting it for me. I'm tired of just doing pages to promote products, and feeling like they always look and feel the same. I know we've been blessed with this gift from God for a greater purpose, and I needed to do something besides just scrapbook with this gift.

So she called me up one night after getting excited about one of my emails and we decided to work on a project together. Doing art based on our actual lives. What we live, experience and feel on a daily basis instead of trying to create something not quite so true.

So every Monday we pick a topic. A life topic and create some art based on what is really going on in our lives. The mediums may vary, the style may vary - but we are making each other accountable to do something with this art that we are so passionate about.

After talking we also thought it would be really neat to involve other people. To see the "actuals" of other people and see other mediums for expressing it, and so we want to invite you to join us. You can got to www.youractual.com and see this weeks topic which is Family. We invite you to create something about what family means to you right now. Be real. What is it really. Share it anyway you'd like - a drawing, a scrapbook page, through poems or writing, a photo, video or music. It doesn't matter the medium. Just share with us.

To participate just click on the comments button and leave us a link to your work. I know there are whole bunch of you that are creative. Come join us!

There is also a blinkie that you can download the code for and post to your blogs, websites or emails. We'd love to have you help promote the site!

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Syndee said...

This is really fun! Just wish I had more time to participate:)