Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kid Art - #1

This is a really fun, easy to way to do tie-dye, without all the hassle and mess. It's very easy for little kids to do, and is a lot of fun. My neighbor even brought her stuff out so she could make some too when she saw us doing it.

Washable Magic Markers
Rubber Bands
Baby Wipes
(If you don't have baby wipes you can use a tough paper towel that has been dampened. Viva is a really good brand for this.)

Step 2: Take a baby wipe and twist it, bend it, and wrap elastic bands around the baby wipe in various spots. Make sure the rubber band are tight. Make sure the baby wipe still feels quite damp. If not, spritz a little bit of water on it from a spray bottle

Step 3: Using the washable markers, start coloring the babywipe. Make sure you color it so that it becomes pretty saturated. Color as much of the white baby wipe as you can see.

Step 4: Once you have the baby wipe completely colored, remove the rubber bands.

Step 5: You now have a tie-dyed babywipe. If you want the wrinkles flattened out, wait till it's dry and then iron it with an iron. Make sure you have something underneath the iron just in case the colors bleed.

Step 6: Another option would be to use food coloring in water. If you do this option don't use baby wipes, but use a dry paper towel. If it is dry it will take the color better, and be brighter than using a damp baby wipe.

Step 7: Simply dip the different parts of the paper towel into the dye. Make sure to let it dry for a little bit before you take off the rubber bands.

Extra Teaching Tools:

Color Mixing: You can use this activity to show kids the basics of mixing colors. That if you put yellow and blue next to each other, they will mix to make green.
Color Themes: You can ask them to create one only using 'warm' colors, 'cool' colors, 'complimentary' colors, and other themes.
History of Tie-Dying: Learn about the history and different techniques of Tie-Dying.
Learn about other textile art: Silk Painting, Batik, Dying fabric from plants, etc.


Syndee said...

How cool is this! Brings back my 'tie-dye t-shirt making' phase! lol! hmmm... what cool new thing can I tie-dye now??!!
This is such a great thing you are doing Shalae! You have already inspired me to drag my easel and paints out with your previous posts.

Laurel said...

Wow, how fun! I can't wait to try this out, heaven knows we've got extra baby wipes around the house. :)