Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm An Art Teacher

I really am. That's what I went to college for. I taught it for a couple of years, before I was married, to all grades: K-12. So I decided that even though I don't teach it in a classroom as an official job, it doesn't mean I still can't teach it. There are people out there wanting to try it, but just don't know how to begin. Plus everything I've learned was because someone else was willing to share what they knew. I want to give back the same way.

So here's your chance to revert back to art class again. I'm going to start posting basic art techniques and lessons on various aspects of art media. No one is going to watch you. You can do it just for fun. You can use it as a chance to experiment and be creative. If you are already a full blown artist, begin doing the basics again and I promise you'll see new ways of doing things. You'll get ideas for other projects, and by practicing your skills you will just get better.

Most of the lessons are going to be very basic and very simple. They will vary from actual techniques for watercolors, collage, paints, printmaking, etc. to Design principles & elements, computer generated art, and kid activities that you can do together. I hope to post an average of about two lessons a week.
This is also giving me an opportunity to do more art with my kids. Some people wonder how I have time to be a mom and still do art too. It's easy, you combine the two. You do art activities with your kids. I can do it while they are doing it - and usually by teaching, helping and seeing what they come up with will spark my own creative ideas.

So this first one is a very simple kid activity. It'll give the feel of how these lessons are going to be laid out. Eventually when I have a few of them built up, I'll have links on the side for you to find the specific lessons you are looking for.

So go have some fun!

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Lunt Family Blog said...

Yes, I am so excited. I don't do art enough with my kids. It will give me some ideas so that I will.