Tuesday, September 11, 2007


No I have not abandoned this blog. Our internet is super wacky right now, and I'm lucky if I can get in a couple of minutes a day. It will probably be like this all week. So there might not be much posting or lessons for the week. Sorry about that.

Today: The next couple of days are going to be rather hectic. This morning we leave really early to go and watch my sisters kids. The baby is going to be born the first of next week, and she has got some last minute dr. visits, and tour of the ICU of one of the possible hospitals where the baby might end up, depending on how he seems to be doing after delivery. She is getting nervous as the water has increased on the brain a little bit, and now the time is getting closer, when all the questions they've had will start to be answered. She had a hard day the other day and called me up crying. I'm really glad she did and was happy that she felt like she could. I did pretty good to not cry until I got off the phone and Beau called, then I did break down and cry, as my heart really went out for her during this scary time she is in the middle of. I don't know why my husband can do that to me. I can be tough all day when I'm all emotional. The minute he says hi, hows it going or comes home, I loose it. What's that all about.

This afternoon we'll be rushing back to a dance class we just signed up Savannah for, and trying to convince her to participate. If she still doesn't after another week, we'll have to drop it and wait it out a couple of years. I still can't decide if it's the shyness part, or if it's like she says "I didn't know how to do their dances. They didn't dance t
he way I dance." We have been trying to convince her all week, that they will teach her "new" dances. We'll see how it goes.

Inspiration: Isn't this the coolest. When we were in Logan for our anniversary, there was a lawn that had these huge metal cranes, welded out of scrap metal, on their front lawn. I love seeing stuff like this!

Canning Time: Two weeks ago, I did some beans that we had picked from my mom's garden and brought home, yesterday I got some peaches and need to get them done up. It was so fun doing the beans though. The girls helped me snap the ends, and fit them in the bottles. It reminded me of growing up. Every summer, all summer long we would be picking beans, peas or raspberries and then get them ready to can or freeze. We'd have fresh zucchini, squash, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes all summer long. My little garden has done pretty well. I've got tons of tomatoes, and I love this harvest time of year to see the fruit of our labors. It's finally getting cooling down here. Thank goodness! It has been way to hot for my liking.


Syndee said...

Love the canned beans and the story to go with it! Sounds like a layout wanting to happen:)

Mandy said...

Missing you. Wish I could make your internet work!