Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Short... wow it's really short!

Well it's short... really short. In fact it's probably competing with you Mandy for whose is shorter now. I went in on monday and finally cut the hair off. She did a good job, but it was still too long for me, It was in my face and driving me crazy. Before I left she told me if I didn't like it I could come back in and get it fixed without charge, so I called her up and went back in tonight. I was afraid she would only cut a little bit off again so I stressed short. Maybe I stressed it too much, because it is now short, really short. I actually think I'll love it once I finish highlighting it, and actually fix it. I'm sure I'll love it for the amount of time it will take me to fix it, but it still takes some getting used to. Our camera card is filled up, and I can't find the cord right now, so we'll have to post a picture later.

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Laurel said...

Shalae, I can't wait to see those pictures! You're making me itch to cut my hair. :)