Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Absent for a Good Reason

Well I've been absent for awhile on here now. This last week we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Yeah!!! I can't believe how fast the time went. We left the kids with the grandparents and snuck away to Logan, UT to the anniversary inn, enjoyed a couple of days together relaxing, doing whatever we wanted, eating out (without children) and just enjoyed being together. It definitely could have been longer.

The anniversary inn is fun in that it has themed rooms. We had the arctic room. Penguins, ice, a painted polar bear... and the best part the jacuzzi tub.

My husband even showed how much he loved me by spending part of the day taking photos of textures, and going to an antique store. Luckily he enjoys things like that as well.

It's been 5 wonderful, growing years and I'm looking foward to many more.

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Lunt Family Blog said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to go to one of those theme rooms. Chad isn't really the romantic type but I still think that it would be fun. Happy Anniversary! P.S. I think it is so fun that we can keep in touch through our blogs!!