Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Little Garden

We have this very tiny little flower bed in the front of our apartment. It's not big at all... maybe 3ft x 15 fit if we're lucky. But I decided that I would actually try to grow something in it this year. Last year we moved in too late to try anything. I also thought I would try growing some plants in some pots as well. So here's what it looked liked right after it was planted, the starts of some tomatoes and the rest of the bed.

Well 3 months later.. I am proud to say that I actually have a little garden full of beans, peas, tomatoes, peppers, squash and flowers... It has been so fun to see it grow and be able to enjoy a small piece of nature in these little apartments. There's a satisfaction too in being able to harvest something straight from the little seed to the finished produce. Here's a current picture taken about a week ago of the tomatoes and some of the flowers, and then another picture of my favorite foliage in the garden. If I could pick one that screams the personality of Shalae.... these would be it! :)

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