Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I love this man

and this picture... it's my favorite view at 7:32 am. He usually sits at the bus stop across from our house waving goodbye to the girls who are pounding on the window and waving. But this morning it was a cold brisk one, the girls were still asleep, and I just sat and watched him eat his breakfast, being clueless to me snapping his picture and just watching him. All the while thinking how lucky I am.

Yesterday was a day where I was torn up inside, struggling with a decision I needed to make, wanting to talk to him about it and yet hesitant to as well. Of course he always knows when I have things on my mind. I've never been able to conceal it, but after a really good long talk with him offering suggestions, advice, an apology and a listening ear... I have come to love him even more. All day I've been grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to walk this life with him. To not have to walk it alone. There is no other mortal person that knows me so deeply, and with whom I can be completely and openly honest with. It is truly amazing how wonderful marriage can be when you are both determined to make it last beyond even this life. I never realized how much I could love a person.

and honey... thanks for loving me.

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Laurel said...

Oh, Shalae, this is so sweet. Isn't it just the greatest to know that you're both on the same path, trying to reach the same goal? I love it. And I love the way you've described it.