Monday, March 05, 2007

New Music

On Friday night with the help of 6 guys and my brother in law (who brought it down to me), I now have new music in my home. Finally after 11 year I have a piano in my home again. It has been so wonderful. It's an older piano as you can tell by the picture, but it plays great. With a little tuning here in a few months after it's settled, it will sound wonderful. I have forgotten the joy I feel to sit down and just play on it. Also the spirit that it brings into our home, one of peace, love, hope and just the spirit. There is something about wholesome beautiful music. I have been playing it ever since they brought it. It's so fun to see the girls play it as well. It sounds like mostly banging but you see the joy they have in their faces as they are "making music." I don't know how it can be, but somehow our house is a home now. It was before but now it really feels like home, not just our temporary apartment, but home. When I play and hear the music coming out of it, it reminds me of growing up, someone was always in the back bedroom playing the piano. There was always that sound which made it home. So now... I get to enjoy my little home and enjoy running my fingers up and down it creating beautiful music.

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