Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finding More Addicts

This last weekend I went and spent 4 1/2 days at home with my family as well as Beau's. While I was there mom arranged for me to teach two classes on digital scrapbooking. I was excited. Of all the things that I love to teach the most (besides Sunday School), digital scrapbooking is it. I love to show people what is out there and what is available. I love getting them excited about it, answering questions and trying to give them the confidence that they can do it. Mom and I also got really excited and started having some creative ideas for appliqued quilt designs and actually came up with a baby quilt design for her to try making. It's fun to see my mom get excited about things. Quilting is her love and she just got herself a new quilting machine. So it was fun to brainstorm ideas for quilts, and actually help her design two of them. We have quite a few more in our heads that we just need to sit down and get worked out. It was a great weekend, and a lot of fun to see the girls get excited about seeing Grandma and Grandpa. The whole road trip there Savannah kept asking if we were at Grandma's house yet.

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