Monday, September 20, 2010

Screen Time

This last Sunday we had our regional conference and had the opportunity to hear Elder Snow, Elder Holland, Sister Beck, and Elder Packer. It was a great meeting. We also had an amazing Saturday night conference that Beau and I just loved.  Something that was said Sunday morning by Sister Beck in her talk hit me strong.  She basically gave this warning (in similar words): “I am very concerned about the distractions of young mothers.  I’m especially concerned about the amount of time they are spending in front of their computer.  The computer is simply a tool to be used to strengthen and help your family. It is no different than your dishwasher, your washing machine, or microwave. It is too easy to get caught up and let time slip by, finding that you have been on it for hours. Our children are too valuable to be left wanting.”

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That statement left me evaluating and thinking about the amount of time I might be spending on the computer.  When I am on the computer and what kinds of things I’m distracted by while on it.  After hearing her statement I made a goal for myself to try and not get on the computer for work, emails, reading blogs, etc while my children are awake.  The only times I will allow it is if I have gotten everything else done, I’ve spent quality time with my children, and I am doing something productive like writing on my own blog, or doing things like budgeting etc.  And then I only allow it for a very limited time.  Last week I tried it.  I would get up early, read emails, blogs, make posts I needed to, or do my design work. Then I mostly stayed away from it all day. At night after the kids were in bed, then I felt like I was ok to get on the computer and do some design work, etc. 

What was the result?  An AMAZING week…. I was able to get so much done. The time that was spent on the computer was all SUPER productive. I accomplished so much in both my design work as well as in my home. I tried to focus on the essential things all week, and our home was happier, Beau and I had some great moments just being together, things went smoother with the kids. There was a LOT less whining.  My house stayed clean ALL week, and ALL weekend. I woke up this morning on a Monday to an already clean house.  My laundry was caught up all week. I got to sew, embroidery, read, play with my kids, etc.  I exercised all week working towards my 5K goal.  I attended church meetings I needed to, attended the temple, the kids primary activity and had family here for the weekend. I finished a quilt I had been working on, and life was SOOO good.

Now don’t get me wrong. Most of our days our good, our life is really good. I have a wonderful relationship with my husband and family. We have good quality time together. Life really is good for our family. But last week I saw what Sister Beck was talking about when she said that we have POWER when we have our priorities in order. When we put God and his work first, then our families and homes.  I had the power to do so much more, by putting my priorities straight.  I’m determined to do it again this week, and the week after. I know there will be times when I slip, that’s what life is about, and what all these daily life experiences are about. But I just want to testify of the truth of this principle…. When our priorities are right we will have POWER, when they are not in order and we are distracted we will slowly be picked off by the adversary and will loose so many greater and better things.

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Tippetts Family said...

Thank you so much for your post Shalae! I so relate, and you have given me something to think about and strive for. Trying to be effecient in our daily lives is a struggle, and staying consistent is even harder I find. You gave me an extra ooomph to what I am doing and WHY I am doing it. LOVE YA!!!