Thursday, May 06, 2010

Who Am I

I digital scrapbook a lot. Not for recording my history, or making keepsake books for my children. (Although I do end up with some of that) I do it mostly for the creative release and also for my design work with ScrapGirls.  In the process of these hundreds of layouts I’ve made there are only a couple that are of me and my life.  Lately as I’ve been more involved in Family History and the stories, I often wish there were stories of these amazing people that I descended from and yet there is nothing. I’m only left to imagine what they were like.

I  find that I have the same desires and questions about my mom. (I hope your reading this!)  Wondering what all of her history is. We’ve heard some of the stories, but there is a lot there that we don’t know as well. I want to know more.  I also realize that someday my children may be saying the same thing. So I’ve decided to do scrap more about me.  I going to take some time to celebrate my life and the little things that make me who I am. 

STI_Hearth_Emb_gem-red copy
TCS_SSDLT_4x6_OrganizedSo I joined Anna’s class called Who Am I? at ScrapGirls, and will be creating 20 layouts about just me. I’m hoping to accomplish them all, and possibly add to them in the hopes of creating my own story to share with my kids and their posterity.

10 Favorite Things1So today’s topic was quick and easy – 10 of my favorite things.  I realize I have way more than 10 favorites… but these are a few of the top ones. 10 Favorite Things2 I also love it when a project like this can kill 2 other birds with one stone. A personal progress goal and a Family History goal that our stake has right now for everyone in the wards. Yes!   

(So MOM…. I still want to learn more about you and who you are. I want some stories to pass on to my kids, and I want to hear some memories. So if you want to take some of these same topics, answer them and email them to me… I’ll even put them together for you in a book…. How much EASIER could it get!  Not much.   You’re always asking what to get us for Christmas…. hint hint….  The offer stands for my mother in law too.  I know her sons would appreciate it!)


Caroline said...

Cool Shalae! I was thinking about joining that class too, but was afraid I would'nt have enough time. Bad decision. I am looking forward to see more of you :) Maybe I'll have to take that class next time!

the Pozie said...

I absolutely love these! I should do something like this, but I'm not that creative. Maybe when I grow up my daughter will be artistic for me, too.

The Delgado's (all 9 of us) said...

Hey, when you get mom's book, give me a copy! We would all love to know more about her. (Perhaps dad as well:) ) Working with Nic's family history as well, I too have come to realize the importance of keeping track of people and their lives. All we have a couple of names. How much nicer it would be to have faces, stories, and lives behind the names...Love ya!