Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The other day I was out running errands with kids.  We were stopped at a stoplight and a young woman crossed in front of us. From in the back Mirian just blurted out “She’s Beautiful!” I looked at her again, and was trying to figure out what had made her say it, she was wearing a skimpy tank top, and had long hair, but wasn’t someone that I would have termed was beautiful.  I thought maybe it was her hair. PregnantI asked her “She’s beautiful huh?”  Her reply? “Yeah she’s beautiful. Do you know why? Because she has a baby in her tummy!”  The woman had been about 8 months pregnant.  I commented back. “Your right.  Pregnant women are beautiful.”

Then she said. "Do you know when you are the most beautiful mom? When you are pregnant and in your church clothes. Then you are REALLY beautiful.” Wow. Out of the mouth of babes.  Even though she didn’t realize it, she was speaking eternal truths. Truths about the beauty of women when they have life inside of them, participating in the most amazing thing they can ever do. Truths about beauty of modesty and virtue.  All truths that the world mocks.  They believe beauty to be something else.

I love this little girl. She is always amazing me with her insights. And someday I can’t wait to see her at her most beautiful moment when she carries her first baby.