Monday, June 08, 2009

Today's Map

I saw this idea on Ro's blog and loved it. It was just a fun way of documenting her week. I'm trying to do one thing for me everyday that's creative and just for fun... nothing other than that. So tonight I documented my day. Nothing too exciting or fancy... just a day in my life.

I had a great weekend. My sister and her family came and stayed for a few days while she attended a photo seminar. The cousins played non stop. Her husband and Beau attacked a bunch of projects, which was a relief to get done.

The best part of the weekend though was getting together with my three sisters for the first time in 10 years without any children... ok we still had 2 kids (the month old twins) but we didn't even know they were there hardly. No one calling mom every two seconds. No husbands around, no fights, no broken conversations admist everything. We went out and hung out at the craft store where we could actually take time to look instead of running through the store at mock speed hoping for no one to throw a tantrum or break down. We then enjoyed a night of 4 rich yummy desserts (each different so we could taste them all) with some spinach dip to finish it off. Great company and a good time. We definitely need to do it more than once very 10 years.

I restocked my oil paints and pulled them out for the first time last week... boy it's been about 7 years and we're a little rusty, but it felt so good. I'm also spending some dedicated time to fine tuning and redeveloping my drawing skills, especially drawing people. In the process of practicing some sketches and drawings we created this brush set for those beach / ocean pictures.

Hopefully there will be more... there has to be more uses for these types of drawings than just sitting in my sketchbook. I colored the seagull in the layout using this tutorial.

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Beau said...

Time away from husbands and kids is always good. The whining, tantrums, "I want this, I want that" 's, and the kids can be stressful too.