Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Idea!

I was reading this blog post at plum pudding where she share this awesome embroidery idea.

It's so funny too, because this weekend when I went to my mother in law's home she has all the plaster hand prints that her kids made for her in kindergarten, as well as her husband's when he was in kindergarten. I thought how cool it was to see all the different shapes and sizes of hands, wondering if every mom is destined to get one of these for mothers day. I'm not a lover of the plaster look, and so I loved the way these turned out. Plus I can definitely make some of my own from my children's hands before they grow up and in case I miss out on the plaster kind. :)

1 comment:

Launa said...

Too cute! LOVE this, what a great update on the plaster thing! I never was that crazy about the plaster in the pie plate sprayed with gold spray paint....YUCK! This is way cute! :D