Thursday, July 24, 2008

We are getting close

To finishing these things:
- unpacking
- my BIG Scrapgirls project (which has taken any extra time I have lately)
- laying carpet so Isaac has his own room
- summer (which I'm not ready to finish up yet.)
- 2 books I'm in the middle of
- Caitlyn's Jaundice

Is it already that time. Savannah starts Kindergarten here in about 3 weeks, and we are in need of doing some school shopping and having lots of one on one fun time before I let her go... sigh. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that yet. Beau luckily doesn't start till the first of September, yeah!

My silly kids
Mirian loves to wear this witch hat around all the time. She loves it for the long hair. Flipping it over her shoulders and putting it in pigtails and buns. She's just so cute. Yesterday we went to the thrift store and they had a toy lawnmower, shopping cart and stroller for a $1. They kids were in heaven and have been playing with them ever since. Mirian keeps referring to it as the "mow lawner" though, and with her little accent it's just too cute!

Pioneer Day
Today is pioneer day so for a few hours we'll be hanging out at the local park checking out the pioneer museum, pioneer town, making free crafts and eating cotton candy. (And roasting to death in this horrible heat!)

Supplies Used on Layout: Merciful Collection, ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates 4x6: Alphabet Super Biggie, Stamped Dates Brush Set, Cherish Collection Biggie, ScrapSimple Embellishment Template: Marginal 2, Planes Trains Automobiles Collection, Lifted Journaling Embellishments, College Days Collection Biggie

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