Saturday, May 03, 2008

With still a month and a half to go.

I've seen this photo in various places and my husband rolls his eyes at it every time because he says it's just not possible to actually see the foot like this. He's right, but boy lately (especially today) I sure feel like this photo. My stomach feels like it's in my throat and my growing belly is feeling huge and tight with all this rolling, moving, and pushing. I keep wondering what this kid is doing. I'm sure she's just trying to get comfortable just like me. Especially after all the abuse from her siblings. Isaac climbing and standing on my stomach, everyone sitting on it, pushing on it and climbing on it. I'm sure she's wondering what we are doing!

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Cher said...

That pictures is awesome! I have felt my baby's rub their whatever it is down my stomach so I totally believe that picture;) You are so close to being due! Good luck this last month and a half!