Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Just For You...


Yep I've been absent for a while and my friend Mandy has noticed and has been concerned. Funny how it also goes her direction as well. She's been going through and feeling a lot lately, and I've been thinking constantly about her hoping that things are going better. :)

So for those of you that were wanting to get caught up on where I've been, we'll just say I've been exhausted, running low on oil, burned out, emotional, and this blog has been the last thing from my mind. My pregnancy and the stress of the last month have hit hard the last couple of weeks. Thank goodness for this week! It's been amazing considering the past couple. It's been going good...

but you'll have to get more later... this post is mainly for you Mandy. Even though we're miles apart, and states away, I just wanted to give you a little hope that if your friend has finally posted on her blog maybe things are starting to look up... and since I can't take you out for some... here's my own special ice cream concoction. Smoothy Peanut Butter on the bottom, vanilla with peanut butter cups in the middle, and peanut butter chunky on top... just for you.

Too bad I'm not there to eat it with you and have a good talk. But if I was here this is a little bit of what I'd say. I think you'll recognize them. :)

Thanks Trish for your amazing icecream building talents! You can find it here:AYO: Banana Splits
Also used: Faithful Collection, Fully Alive Collection Biggie.


Mandy said...

Well this is a first. I've never had someone devote a blog post just to me. So sweet...literally. And I was imagining that top scoop was peanut butter before I even read your post. Funny how you have to share my own words for me for inspiration, and yet it helps so much to read them. Thanks so much, and glad to hear you're having a better week as well.

Anonymous said...

I found from reading Ro post. I know you don't know me but I was missing your posting ... I was awaiting for more card designs or something fun exciting... glad you are back..sorry you were not well..Just wanted you to be awear that I enjoy your sketchbook ... Thanks