Saturday, April 05, 2008

Make more of these.

I read Mandy's post on being a mother and it has got me thinking. The times I'm the most happiest, when life is going smoothest, is when I stop making everything else so important and just enjoy being a mom. Spending my creative juices and talents doing something with my kids, teaching them a new skill, seeing them grow and develop. Or when I put it to use to make my home feel more like a home, new creative dinners, better organization in the house, sewing something to decorate, or just spending that time and energy doing things that actually bless my family and make our home more enjoyable to be there. So if that's what makes me the happiest, why do I give so much importance to other things, or want to express creativity in other ways. There has to be a better balance to it all. But I'm determined to start trying harder to spend most of my time using that creative energy doing SOMETHING that will truly benefit my family (and not in the means of finances.)

I worked on this quick layout last night showing one of those moments when I let things go, we went to Walmart for some errands, picked up some lunchables for snack, and went to the park to play and have a picnic. The kids thought they were in heaven and it was one of those good happy days. We need to make more of these moments.

This also hit home last weekend. After weeks of stress and exhaustion, my kids would probably not have put me up for happy mother of the year award. I was rather grouchy, they were driving me nuts, and I was burned out. Beau was leaving for a two day hike with the scouts to southern Utah, which I wasn't excited about, because I was wanting a break too.

So on Saturday while he was gone, I left the house a disaster and picked up some food to go. We drove to thanksgiving point and went to the dinosaur museum together. We had so much fun. It was such a great break for all of us. They were soo good, happy and obedient, and we had such a great time together, the first it seemed for quite a while. They were so excited to tell their dad about it the next morning when they saw him. We need more of these. I need more of this. Time just being a mom, enjoying my kids and having a good time together, instead of letting the stress and pressure of life take over.

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