Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Want to see something cool and creative. Check it out. This is what I browse when I'm so exhausted I should just go to bed, but am waiting for my husband to shut down the computer. The problem is we both enjoy computers, creativity and technology too much. Which leads to us being up for another hour browsing Adobe's site for their new products for web and design, and drooling over the new Master Collection which combines both of our loves for software - me the illustrator and photoshop, him the video, flash, web, and sound part of it. I really need to just learn to turn it off and go to bed, and he'd follow. We get sucked in way too easily.


Anonymous said...

New to your site - found you through Ro the scrapgirl.com Wow very cool and it surprised me never seen something like that before. Loved it!

Anonymous said...
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