Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Normal Day

Isn't it amazing the colors that you can find out there? I took this picture of some really cool mushrooms growing on a log while in Minnesota. It's so rich in colors.

Todays' going to be a pretty normal day. Yesterday I posted my art for Your Actual. The topic is Cherish for the week. Lately I've been noticing that I have been cherishing things more in my life. I especially cherished my weekend retreat with my fellow ScrapGirls. It was just such an incredible experience that is very hard to describe.

It was neat to come home and see my kids, they look liked they grew up over night, matured just that much more. I'm so grateful for Beau too, who did an amazing job taking care of everything while I was gone. Somedays I'm still amazed that I ended up with this guy.

I've got a few projects that I am finishing up, and I am finally at the point that I'm ready and actually excited about writing my design books now. I have been dragging my feet about it for the last year almost. It was just NOT happening. Last week, I finally saw in my mind how it should be and how I wanted it to be. Woohoo! Hopefully now things will go much smoother.

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