Friday, September 14, 2007

Kid Art - #2

This is another pretty simple project that kids can do, but it's not just limited to kids. I've created a couple of neat ones myself that I'm dying to use in some scrapbooking, and as art backgrounds etc. So if you're an art person yourself, do it, and incorporate it somehow in a piece of art just for the fun of it.

White Glu
Tin Foil
Tissue Paper
Small Bowl
Old Paint Brush

Step 2: Squeeze some white glue into your small bowl adding enough water to make it thin and runny.

Step 3: Lay your tinfoil shiny side up, and using your paint brush, brush a coat of glue all over the top of the tinfoil. (Make sure you wash your brush out good when you are done. If you don't, the glue will harden and ruin it.)

Step 4: You can either cut or tear small pieces of tissue paper and lay them down on the glue. Make sure that you press it down in all areas so the tissue paper soaks up the glue. Overlap them so you can start getting fun variations of new colors by combining them.

It's easiest for little kids to have the little pieces already torn or cut, and have them just put them on.

You can cut the tissue paper out of actual shapes and create an actual picture if you want, rather than just a colorful collage.

Step 5: If the tissue paper doesn't stick all the way down, or isn't completely translucent you can also paint another layer of glue on top of it. With little kids, a lot of times they'll have parts sticking up, or layer too papers many on top of each other. You can easily paint more glue on top so that it will stick better.

Step 6: Let it dry completely. Once it's dry it sometimes will have a shiny shimmery look where the tinfoil shows through the tissue paper. This is my 2 year old's finished artwork.

You can get some really neat blending and colors with this technique, and I love the shimmery effect it gives to the tissue paper when it's finished.

Here's another example. I really like the bleeding effects that happened in the dark blue.

You can then cut your collage up into smaller pieces or cut shapes out of it. It could be mounted to other colored paper as well. We made this heart for Valentines Day last February for Savannah to give to her friends.

Combine other mediums as well. Add other paper, rub ons, overlays, paint, etc.

This one was created when I actually scanned my collage and made some paper templates, which will be released here in a week or so at I then used grunge brushes to paint over the top using blending modes. I also added text from a book (also using blending modes) so that it appeared like a rub on. I added a paper style to my circles, to give them a paper texture, and then used the cookbook stains brush set to splatter the look of paint on top.

So go get messy and cre

I used these supplies when creating my last sample.

Extra Teaching Tools:

Color Mixing: You can use this activity to show what color is created when you overlap two different colors such as yellow and blue.

Color Themes: You can ask them to create a collage based a certain color theme such as 'warm' colors, 'cool' colors, 'complimentary' colors and other themes.

History of Collage: Learn about the history and other techniques of collage art.

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What a great project! Your stuff always looks so pretty! Have a great weekend!