Monday, September 17, 2007

Inspiring Monday

It was a good day. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but I enjoyed the day anyway. I took this picture of my girls a while ago when they were playing on top of the bunk beds. I just loved all the white and the little world they were living in.

My Time
Today was my first day of swapping kids with the neighbor for the whole intent of having some "my time". Not to run errands, not to get caught up on the never
ending project list, not for anything except what I wanted to do. It was great. I started by reading some scriptures... ok I started to fall asleep at the end. (That's what happens when I'm up all night with a sick little boy.) But as I was dosing in an out, I kept thinking, I've only got a couple of hours I need to get up and so something. Instead, I told myself no.. this is your time. Take a nap. It's ok. You can't work now, I'm not letting you, and so I pulled a blanket up and took a small nap. It felt so good.
I have had a stack of papers on my desk for weeks now, needing to be sorted. They were ones I had ripped out of magazines, or collected. Pages of inspiration and ideas. I had wanted them put away in a place where I could actually make good use of them. So I spent part of the afternoon going through them, becoming inspired again, and tacking things to my board on the wall for ideas of projects I wanted to do here shortly. I ran across some artists that journal their every day life. They led me to some great websites, great artists, and some great books.


I am a sucker for books. I just can't say no.
I found a couple that I was dying to get my hands on. The library didn't have them. Hmmm that's an excuse to go pick them up right? So I did. I've glanced through them and they are just so yummy! I can't wait to digest them, and share them with you.

I'm sure you you have seen this number on the side of the blog for the number of pounds I've lost. It's been there for months now... and I'm sure your wondering if I've lost any more. Well I have and I haven't. I've done really good and dropped 3 more, and then I have a rough week or two, and gain them back. Then I loose them, and gain them back... so roughly... yes. I'm still at this number. But I keep telling myself at least I didn't gain them all back to 0. Tonight, despite a bad week of not even trying anything, I lost .6 at weigh-in. That's always a relief. But I'm got some new goals I'm working on, one being to work out on a daily basis. Even if it's not much... s so hopefully you'll see that number climbing.

I've posted a really quick idea for framing a photo if your a digital scrapbooker. It's nothing huge, just something really simple, but can have a really cool look when used. Here's one layout where I used this technique.

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