Monday, September 17, 2007

Cut Out Frame

Supplies Needed:
A digital photo frame - I used one from the Collage Unleashed Collection Biggie
2 - Place the frame over the photo so that the entire photo is within the frame. Trim the edges of the photo if needed.
3-Take the polygonal lasso tool and draw around the edge of your subject inside the frame.
4-Delete the picture. Do this all around your subject until only your subject is left.
5 - Add a shadow to both layers. You might want to add a larger and more blended shadow to your subject for a more dramatic effect.


Syndee said...

So cool Shalae!! I have to say again how fantastic your photos are! How about a lesson on photography???? Pretty please :) Or an ebook that I can buy! (hint hint) :)

Julie said...

Such a great tutorial today! I love that framing effect! Glad to hear that you enjoyed some time to yourself yesterday. :)