Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just Waiting

Well I did it, I was actually able to finish up 5 layouts (ok 7, because I had to narrow it down.) for the 2008 Memory Makers Master Contest. I actually had a great time putting the layouts together, for once I just had fun scrapbooking, and did it without the purpose of marketing a new product. So whether or not I actually make it, I'm at least excited to show off the finished layouts once the winners are announced. I laugh though, because even if I did win, what in the world is a digital scrapper going to do with all that paper scrapbooking supplies? I guess my kids would have a time and a half with it!:) I thought I would share one layout that didn't get sent in. I wasn't sure that the journaling in the background would be a good choice as one of the criteria to be judged was journaling. It also didn't have a real strong title. I still like how it turned out though, and am going hang it on my wall, so I can look at that good looking guy all of the time!:)


Syndee said...

Awesome layout Shalae!!

Mandy said...

YEAH. You entered! Maybe one of us will get our foot in door. If this layout was a reject your keepers must be off the charts.