Monday, April 30, 2007


This weekend wasn't the funnest one for me. Saturday I was burning up with a 102 degree temperature and was freezing to death at the same time. Shivering even though I had three sweaters on, socks, and wrapped in a blanket. My body has never ached and hurt so bad, every bone, muscle, and joint... the next day I woke up to a killer sore throat which later proved to be swollen with white patches and still a killer temperature. So I was absolutely worthless. It's a good thing that it was the weekend and Beau was around. I would have died if I had no help with the kids. I was miserable. I'm still trying to recover, and get better and trying not to burn myself out trying to do too many things. I was at least functionable today and we survived the day with Beau gone, being sick and taking care of the toddlers. I was proud to have made it through the whole day with out one breakdown. He was such a great help though this weekend. Took care of the girls all weekend, ordered pizza, let me sleep, and made me fall in love with him even more. It definitely takes getting sick though to make you wonder if your pushing yourself too hard, and to realize how great you feel on a normal basis and take it for granted.

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