Friday, April 20, 2007

Perfect Date

It was date night. We swap every other weekend with some friends of ours so that we each can at least get 2 nights out a month with our husbands and no children. It has worked out wonderful and is such a nice break. Well this week it was Beau's turn for the date and planning. It was all a surprise and he planned it all out. He did an awesome job.

We rented a tandem bike - a bicycle built for two. I was a bit nervous at first. It has been years since I've ridden a normal bicycle let alone one that was attached to him. It took a minute to figure it out but it was tons of fun. We went around the small neighborhoods around campus, enjoyed the beautiful night and each other. It was so relaxing - plus some great exercise. We then went down to a new sandwhich shop where we got us a sandwich and took to a beautiful little spot on campus where there is a waterfall, beautiful flowers, a pond, and had a picnic before it started to rain. It was gorgeous and we had great fun trying to take pictures of the two of us together since we don't have that many of just the two of us. After that he treated me to a little bit of ice cream. When we walked out we saw a lady with gloves on her hands, looking very suspicious, checking doors of cars. After notifying the police that suspicious happenings were going on we headed back to our place to pick up the girls.

It was such a fun great night just being together, not vegging in front of a movie, but enjoying each others company, fresh air, and spending time together. It makes our relationship so much better. Here's some photos from the night. For once I had my camera on me and we could actually take some.

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