Monday, April 16, 2007

The Grove

This is one of the layouts that I created for my new collection Renew. Yesterday at church we were talking about our personal testimonies - how to gain, keep, and share one. They were talking about how we shouldn't be ashamed or afraid to share what we know with others, and it made me start thinking about opportunities that I have to share about my belief in God, his eternal plan for us and those things that I KNOW to be true for myself. I'm really lucky to be able to have a creative outlet for my beliefs and have really had the most joy and satisfaction when I've created a layout that shares a very important, sacred part of me. A layout where I share part of that personal testimony that I have gained. In this layout I shared my personal knowledge about the prophet Joseph Smith. I really love being able to have a way to share this testimony in creative ways that hopefully someday others will appreciate or grow from as well. I think often times we are scared so share something so personal as our religious beliefs as we are afraid that others will not accept them, mock them or make fun of them. But as I was thinking yesterday. Does it matter what they think. not really. They can accept, blow off or make fun of anything I believe, but it doesn't change the fact that I know that these things are true. And that is the most important. That I know for myself and that I'm not afraid to share it with others. Isn't that real conviction - to know and act despite what others tell you or believe. And to me that is what I want the most is for me to not be afraid of sharing those personal things with others - but to share them willingly, and with conviction with no worry about how they'll respond.

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