Sunday, April 15, 2007

Join Me In The Journey

Ok, I'm publically admitting that I need to loose weight. There I said it. It's not like I've been denying it, but maybe by stating it up front like that it will help me be more aware. I have struggled with weight for a good part of my life, mainly teenage - college years, and at one point decided that I was tired of it and need to make a good change in my life. I joined Weight Watchers with my mom and started running. We did really well and I started to loose weight. I could barely run .25 of a mile without dying. I stuck to it and after a while had lost 46 lbs and was running 4 miles and loving it. Then life brought on sudden changes - a husband who I was madly in love with (who loved sweets:)) A major surgery and 3 children later I find myself back to where I started plus 10 lbs more.

(So here is the most recent picture taken of me this last weekend, with Isaac inside my coat, but you can still tell, and the picture of me when I had lost the 46 lbs earlier... which I'm determined to get to again!)

So being sick of it, and tired of just adding weight with each pregnancy, I've decided to do something about it again. I've joined Weight Watchers which is a program I absolutely love. I think it's healthy, smart and teaches us how to take better care of ourselves and be overall healthy. It's frustrating because I would like to reach goal weight (66 lb lost) before we decide to have another kid, which can be discouraging when I have setbacks. Instead, I've decided to just try for 5 lbs here and there.. go slowly. That way I'm still at least 5 lbs lighter for the next pregnancy... or hopefully 20 or 30... but at least I'm better than I was before. I also want to combat the challenge of how to exercise with 3 toddlers and no gym pass. To get back into shape, and at least be more physically active when I'm pregnant again.

So join the journey with me. I've decided to post how many pounds we've lost so far every week when I weigh in, that way I have a visual reminder every time I log onto this blog, and if you all know that I'm doing it, then it makes me want to try even harder.. We are going to do it this time.

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Janelle said...

has anyone joined you shalae? i would totally join you! i have 2 little ones, 2.5 years and 11 months...and i too have gained more weight with each boy and haven't been able to lose it!

my goal is similar to yours...60lbs and i can say that since april 21st i have lost 4 almost 5 pounds. it is such hard work! i have been out walking between 6am and 7am, by myself and getting home in time for my husband to go to work around 7:30/8 and its been nice to have the quiet time to myself and to feel like i am really trying to lose this weight!

email me if you'd like, i am nelly on scrapgirls and a personal friend of mandy's =)