Friday, August 24, 2012

Treasure Maps!

You can't study pirates for a school unit and NOT do pirate maps. When I took this e-course from Deep Space Sparkle this summer she had a lesson on making treasure maps. I could not pass this up on our unit. It was just too much fun.    She had great handouts that talked about the different items you'd find on an old map, how to make scrolls, and we just had a blast with it.  Shark infested waters, treasures, whales and serpents   We also came across a really cool pirate game that works with checkers. Where you have the Spanish Fleet trying to get their ships of gold safely back to Spain without loosing it all to the pirate ship. The kids loved it.

Of course even sometimes mom wants to have fun drawing and painting too and making a map was just too hard to pass up. I usually give it the name of "demonstrating" the lesson, but really it's just me wanting to relax and play too.


the Pozie said...

I LOVE your treasure maps! I wish I did fun stuff like that in school. :)

Raspberry honey said...

These look fantastic! How did you make them? Was the black pen (?) before or after painting? I'd love to make these with my kids too.