Monday, March 19, 2012

Toothpick Mishap

Yesterday morning before church Savannah and Isaac had the toothpicks out and were making shapes with them on the floor. At one point I told them to clean up  and put them away so we could get ready to go. Savannah "sort of" picked them up.  She just left the pile on the edge of the couch and there were a few more remaining on the floor. I told her again to pick them up and she started getting upset about having to do it.  I explained about what I meant by "putting them away." Her version and my version of putting something away are completely different.  I made the off hand comment that someone is going to step on one and they really hurt.  I had done it before.  She still took her time following directions and Beau was telling her for the 3rd or 4th time to pick them up when Isaac started screaming and hollering. I was in the kitchen and made the comment "someone stepped on one didn't they."

Well he not only stepped on it, he lodged it through his heal and then broke it off inside. He was hysterical. He hobbled over with the broken part in his hand crying. Beau took a look at it and told him to hold still while he tried to see if he could pull it out. It was lodged in pretty deep and every time Beau attempted to pull it out he would flip out screaming "Don't touch it! It hurts!"  At this point Savannah is feeling horrible for not putting the toothpicks away. There is always something about learning a lesson the hard way that drives the point home rather than mom just trying to tell you why you should it.  

We decided that it would be best if we had the doctor help.  They could at least numb the area. So we called up the pediatrician during the after hours and scheduled for him to come in. Beau took him up while we headed to church.  All went well.  As you can see from the picture he had a good size piece lodged lodged in the foot.  Beau said he went hysterical over getting the shot to help numb it. It took Beau, the Dr. and another nurse to help hold him down. "He's a tough little guy," one of them commented. Yes he is.  

They were able to get it out without having to cut it open or without it splintering. He brought home the prize in a jar, and spent the afternoon watching a movie relaxing.  My favorite part was when the girls all got home from church and they ran over to see the tooth pick, and asked him, "Did you cry?"

"No.  I screamed."


Janine said...

Yeeouch!!! Totally reminds me of the time our daughter came limping in, bleeding, after stepping on a nail. She was adament that she didn't go into the field ... because we told her she'd get hurt if she did. But, we all know she did.

Glad they were able to get the toothpick out!

Lessons don't always have to hurt but when they do, they're really memorable!

Rebekah said...

Wow. Hopefully, they've all learned. I'm very careful about pins and needles when I sew because we were that age, Annika stepped on a sewing machine needle. It went halfway into her heel...

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness! Poor him Ouch!!!