Monday, August 15, 2011

What do you do while waiting.

We are still waiting for this baby. Five days past due and definitely teaching us patient. It has been rather frustrating. There have been days of full labor contractions to make you miserable all day long, feeling like she might actually arrive that day, to only have them stop when I go to sleep at night, not to return for another day or so. So what do you do while waiting?

You build a tree house in your backyard. Ok I didn't build the treehouse, my amazing husband did. I was impressed. He got it all finished in two days, here you see it in the works and already being used and played on with the kids. It has been a great way to get them outside. I love looking out and seeing Mirian up their coloring, or Savannah reading her books. You hear excitement and adventure as they are all up there in their own creative worlds living out an adventure ad midst the trees.

It's something I've wanted for a while, and Beau realized he had enough scrap wood around that he could throw one together. So while feeling a need for a break, helping out at home on those days of never ending contractions, he got to work, and now we have a little bit of heaven in a tree.

My favorite part? Finding my husband sitting up there in the evenings in the peace and quiet just sitting. (I have yet to attempt to climb the rope ladder at 9 months pregnant to enjoy the view myself... hopefully here soon I can join him.)


Robert and Heather in Hawaii said...

That is the coolest tree house I have ever seen! This baby obviously knows how to make an entrance... long and slow so everyone is watching. I hope all goes well when the baby decides it is finally time. We will keep you in our prayers.

Rebekah said...

So, it's really DAD's treehouse... Awesome! He deserves it.

Caroline said...

Awesome! I bet the kids LOVE it!