Monday, February 21, 2011

How Much Longer

Saturday it was a beautiful day outside and a bit nippy. The kids had been stuck inside for so long, and all week have needed to get outside, for their sanity and ours. So Beau declare that they MUST all go outside and play for a while and get some fresh air. Every few minutes someone would come in and ask if they could come in yet... not yet, they needed to play some more. (How heartless we are to tell our kids to go outside and PLAY, SWING, RIDE BIKES, etc.... but if you would have heard them you would have thought we were the worst parents on the planet that day.)

At one point we heard the door open and then heard footsteps run back outside. Two seconds later Beau's cell phone went off with 'my' cell phone ring. I wasn't calling him. Someone outside was. (Lately Mirian has learned Beau's cell phone number and likes to get on our home line to call his cell phone, even when he's just in the other room. Often he just lets her leave a message.) Today he let them leave a message, when we listened to it a few minutes later, we could help but laugh.

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