Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Daughter After My Own Heart

The other day I walked in from being outside and looked over at the table to find Savannah doing this with all the crayons.Bike6 I just burst into the biggest smile and had to get my camera. Here was a girl after my own heart.  I always have to organize the colors when I get  a new box.  I started snapping pictures, because I had to document this moment, when my daughter had a huge part of me in her coming out. She noticed me taking pictures and she replied with,

“Mom do you know why I’m dividing up all the crayons? Because they just didn’t feel right.” 

Man. She couldn’t have said it better.  I know exactly what you mean Savannah. They don’t feel right all mixed up there together, none of them going together, none of them organized in nature’s beautiful way.  They are meant to blend and move into each other slowly creating all the hues of color in this gorgeous world. It was all I could do to not go pull out my new box in my closet and sit down with her and put them in their natural order, and get excited about seeing all the possible color combinations.  It’s an obsession I know.  Bike5 But honestly it just doesn’t FEEL right any other way.


Tiff said...

Imagine my surprise this morning to see not one, but TWO new blog posts. WOW. It was so good to see how you are doing. Cute pictures by the way. Tell the girls Congrats on riding their bikes on their own. That is awesome. . . . And what does it say about me if I never thought about rearranging my box of crayons?? Love you-

The Delgado's (all 9 of us) said...