Thursday, October 01, 2009

Overcoming the Block

Mirian's Portrait Last night I was getting burned out with another project I’ve been working on for a while, so I took a break to play around with Painter 11.  After realizing I really have to get over this block of doing things digitally (namely painting) and not feeling like a real artist, I had to just play. 

The result? Realizing how much I REALLY enjoy this.  It’s much faster for me, and therefore my creative side feels fulfilled. So I started this quick painting up of Mirian and then finished up tonight while listening to the 2nd class for in the Fish Bowl. After playing around with painter, I just can’t help but jump into Photoshop and play with textured paper and backgrounds, etc. Of course I can’t seem to sign my name for the life of me with this tablet, so we resorted to typing the signature and date. Tacky? Oh well, I sort of like it.  It’s sort of like me admitting… this is all digital. No real paint here. And who cares what anyone else thinks. 

Here are two more similar portraits that I did quite a while ago.  Savannah and Mandy.


Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Hello Shalae, I actually LOVE the contrast of the type you picked for your signature! Great choice for your image! And yes, isn't it wonderful when we can create with ease!

Take care!

Di said...

Its beautiful and its your art. Doesn't matter what medium you use. I love, love Painter... I've been using it since it was a beta version and have always upgraded. Its a very powerful piece of software. Not sure if you can get it in the USA but I've got a subscription to a magazine that's just about Painter. Here's the link: it's very good if you can get hold of it. Lots of tutorials and inspiration! x

Dana Barbieri said...

I think your digital work is great. I just had a chance to review all of your digital scrapbook kits. They are so nice! I think you should be proud that you can do all this digitally. And you are absolutely a real artist!