Monday, May 11, 2009

Fresh New Morning

I can tell it's going to be a beautiful day. For once I was able to get to bed early, and awoke early thanks to this little girl, who was hungry and got me going after I already hit snooze on the alarm for the morning.  We have plans to get this house back into shape from all of our construction going on. I'm hoping to do some work on the garden and do some planning for the week. Savannah is out of school for the week which I am so looking forward to!

Our walls got insulated! Yeah after my first long day, and living in construction another guy came back a couple of days later and spent all day getting the stuff in. I am so grateful to him and so grateful to have it done. Now it's just the clean up... patching the walls again and repainting. But that is doable.  
Beau was gone all weekend on a Scout High Adventure hike. So the kids and me just hung out and spent time together. They were so good. I've noticed such a huge difference when my kid get to bed on time, and get a good nights sleep. I'd even consider them angels. :)  They  were happy, played well and we enjoyed just being together. 

Saturday Savannah was so excited for mother's day. She kept telling me that they were going to make breakfast for me in bed and wanted to know what my favorite breakfast was. (They had gotten this idea from a Bernstein Bear book they had read.  She was too funny and declared to Mirian, "We're going to have to get up really early, because mom gets up really early. Everyday she is awake before we are and has to come and wake us up. So we have to be up really early so we are awake before she is."  I told her that I could probably sleep in tomorrow so they wouldn't have to get up quite so early.  

She gave me a flower from school that they had a planted. Sewed me a headband with a flower decoration on it that she had found from scraps of material, and then tied a long piece of material to a stick for my present of a streamer. These girls were more excited for mother's day than they were for Christmas!  It was so great and I felt so loved. 

I warned Beau when he got home late Saturday night that he could expect to be woken by girls wanting to make breakfast for me.  He didn't realize their excitement until they woke him up at 6:20 the next morning declaring to him that it was mother's day and he needed to get up and help them make breakfast.  Luckily he convinced them to hold out for another 30 minutes, which they did pretty good at until they came to him declaring that Caitlyn was leaking everywhere.  

So for the first time in a very long time... years it seemed. I got to sleep in. No one bothered me because they wanted me to still be in bed so they could bring me breakfast.  I got to sleep in till about 8:30... boy was it wonderful. Then they all brought me their homemade cards, and my favorite breakfast - creamed eggs on toast. Which no one likes and so I never get to make it.  I felt loved.

I enjoyed a great time at church with some wonderful messages, the girls made paper flowers in primary, Beau made me dinner, and I had the chance to just sit with my kids in my lap sporadically throughout the day, cuddling  and playing with them realizing even more so how much I love my kids. How wonderful they are and what a wonderful journey it is to be a mother. Really... there is nothing more wonderful in this world than being a mom. Nothing makes me happier.


Kellie DeMille said...

Oh what a fun Mother's Day! I'm so glad your house got insulated. What a mess though! You should have posted pictures of the guys who stopped in the middle of the work and told everyone to steer clear of them. Especially if they come to do work on your house!

Caroline said...

This seems to have been a wonderful Mother's Day for you! I am so happy for you :) Too cute your kids!

Rebekah said...

Happy Mothers' Day to you!! Your pictures are beautiful!!