Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Homemade Love

It's that time of year again to share a little love with those around you. I have forgotten what a big deal it is in elementary. The time to get valentines for all your classmates and the huge party with the excitement of opening up all of yours...

We decided to make ours this year. I thought these owls looked cute from this post on the crafty crow, and so we pulled out our construction paper and went to work. I cut out the basic shapes and the kids put their personal touches on it by gluing them together. Even Isaac made some cute ones! She has lots of valentines day crafts, projects and food ideas. Go check them out here if you're needing ideas!

If you don't want to make your own.. here are some really cute free printable ones from secret agent Josephine. (click on the pictures to go to the link to download.)
Here's some cute ones for your teenagers from gauchogirl.

For boys go here.
For girls go here.

Also one of my favorite crafts from ScrapGirls are these fortune cookies from Erica Hite. They are cutest things done up and work great for Valentines Day.

There is just something fun about making your own valentines though. Savannah was so excited to make them for her classmates. In fact while she was making them I saw a part of her come out that I new partially existed.

She is very creative, and can come up with all kids of things. It's amazing what she can construct from a roll of masking tape. She definitely inherited her creative side from her mom... but then I saw her dad pop out in her while she was making her owls.

I was telling her she needed to get going because she had A LOT of owls to make for the kids in her class. Well that clicked inside her head, and suddenly her analytical, systematic, orderly, engineer part of her came out. She created her own assembly line. Bodies first, then eyes and all the parts... then she wrote a number on the top of each one. When I asked her why she was writing numbers on them, she gave me this "duh mom" look and replied, "So I know how many I've made and how many more I need to do." This girl is in kindergarten! She might end up being a genius just yet. Creative and artistic, as well as being analytical and an engineer.


llaxton said...

Thanks for the links! Seriously girl, You Rock! :)

Launa said...

Too cute!! and really fun! Your blog is looking great too!!