Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

Lately I seem to have sooo many thoughts on my mind. All kinds of thoughts from the latest project or idea, to deep soul searching thoughts. So today I thought I'd throw out some random ones out there.

I Love This Man.
I ran across these two pictures yesterday morning and I just realized how much I love this guy. (Both of them, but especially the bigger one.) My life has been so much better by just marrying him. He continually amazes me. He is such an incredible dad. He is such a great support. He makes life so good. He is such a happy person. He can make me laugh, he can make any "tough" time seem not so bad.
Don't You Smile.
I love this face... the gruff stern face. He has this thing he does when the kids are in a bad mood. Especially Mirlin. She can pull a sour face like none other. He'll pull this face, he'll get up close to them and say "Don't smile. Whatever you do don't smile. Don't do it. You keep on scowling... Don't do it! Oh no I see a smile. Don't ! Don't smile." All the while using his scowling face, and before you know it he's turned that frown upside and got them laughing and smiling. He's never dared tried it on me, and that might have his best interest in heart. :)

I ran across this photo of a Sunday afternoon nap. Really is anything better than this.

Our Little Service Group.

Do you remember me telling about this group here. It has been such a good thing the other day I was thinking about it, and what we've been able to accomplish so far with it.

  • Painted 1 bedroom
  • Painted my living room
  • Painted a dining room
  • Cleaned and Scrubbed a mud room
  • Sanded, Prepped and painted kitchen cupboards.
  • Painted part of the exterior of a house.
  • Went through and organized tons of kids clothes ranging from newborn - 6 years old.
  • Moved, organized and went through storage
  • Repaired and fixed up a old amazing doll house for Christmas.
  • Painted craft boxes for organizing a craft room

All of that in an 1 1/2 - 2 hours, one day a week. Next week we'll be finishing up the trim in my living room. We've also arranged amongst all of us to swap babysitting so that everyone can attend the temple once a month and go on a date with their spouse at least once a month.

Now would we have gotten all this done without this group. Maybe... but I really doubt it. I know I would still be sitting with an unpainted kitchen and living room. It has been soooo good to do this. Get a group together and find out for yourself.

Eat a Frog First
I just read this post this morning. It made so much sense to me, and the procrastinator side of me. I all too often put off the things that need to be done that I just despise and hate doing! Sometimes it results in wasting time because I feel like I can't work on other things till I get that thing done first.... so we're going to try eating our frogs first!

Homemade Angry Noodles

I joined Mandy's group, and had our first Chat monday and have been thinking about it and conversing with the other women on facegroup. I can not believe what a difference this has made and it's only been one topic! It had me really doing some soul searching yesterday.. (I'll give you a detailed post later.) But this is turning into an amazing group. Your still welcome to join us if you'd like. You can find the info here. Thanks Mandy for going out on a limb, risking all and starting this up.

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Launa said...

I loved your thoughts Shalae. And I am really enjoying the group too. Who would have ever thought we could encourage and fellowship with a beautiful bunch of women, and what has been on my heart the most is awe at the possibility of meeting so many from all over that without the technology that the Lord has blessed us with I would have never had the chance to meet. I am just looking forward to the deepening of relationships and progress we are all making and going to make!