Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I'm supposed to be working on layouts for a product. Instead I'd rather get updated on this thing.

She's growing like mad, and has figured out how to get up on all fours - trying to move herself. She can scoot and roll herself all over the room, but is trying desperately to figure out how to move those back legs!
Isn't she just too cute with those glasses on.

My kids crack me up! Yes we painted our walls bright green I love it. You can't tell much from this picture, and yes the couches DO NOT match. We are working on that. We've got to find slipcovers or see how good of a seamstress I am! The green wall is so fun with Christmas decorations right now. I'll get pictures up once I actually finish painting all the trim white!

My little boy turned 2 yesterday! He was so excited about getting in the bathtub with the little people boat he could have cared less about blowing out candles and eating cake. (Ironic since 5 minutes earlier he was throwing a tantrum because I wouldn't let him have any! :)

Where did the time go? I just ran across some pictures from the Christmas year he was born and my kid seemed so little then. Life is flying by way too fast for my liking!
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Launa said...

How cute are those glasses!And I can't wait to see the green's always hard to take the plunge....but most of the time it turns out well....I'm thinking red for my kitchen??