Thursday, January 10, 2008

Loving These

I keep giving myself the excuse that I don't have time to post on the blog right now because I need to get something else done. Well I'm not listening to that little voice. I'm posting something. I need to post something so I can get back in the regular habit of doing it. Plus I've had so many things in my mind for posts that I have a list now. I need to get started.

First off can I tell you Erica how much I LOVE THESE! I can't get enough of them. I've been having so much fun playing with her new planner templates as I slowly try to get control of my life and get things planned. It makes me smile everytime I open up my planner now and try and figure things out for the week. They are amazing and so much fun. You have to try them out. I used her ScrapSimple Digital Layout templates: Plan On It and her Nessa Collection
which is just too much fun for these planner templates.

I also got the Oriental Trading company's catalog for Scrapbooking Supplies. Yes did you know they now sell scrapbooking supplies? What next? But they have some pretty cool stuff in there, and although I am NOT a paper scrapper, there are some things that I do enjoy making. One of those being books, albums and crafts.

I have avoided it forever actually because I hate MODPODGE (I don't even know how to spell it I hate it so bad.) I always get paint brush strokes in it, a glossy look on my beautiful paper and bubbles where I didn't lay it down smoothly. Well I finally gave in when my mom needed about 50 notebooks covered and decorated and went and bought me a Xyron machine for adhesive/stickers with my 40% coupon off. Can I tell you how amazing it is, and how in love I am with it. We did her 50 books in a couple of hours (with a family assembly line, but it would have taken us days with ModPodge. ) I can now whip it out when I want to cover things for home decorating, or for albums, all kinds of wonderful stuff. I now enjoy crafting and making things! It's fast, easy and not messy! Yeah!

So when I opened oriental trading up today and saw these fun Chipboard Albums just waiting to be covered, I got all excited about the possibilities. This one is my favorite right now. I'm just dying to do something with it.

A recipe card album. You could make some pretty cool things with this and Brandie's Recipe card templates.
The reason I' m so excited is that I've been using her templates for the last couple for months to make cute scripture memorization cards. I've had a goal to memorize some scriptures, the Proclamation to the Family, and my patriarchal blessing. So I've been making these cards to put them on. I have then been taping them on the wall above the sink to memorize while I've been washing dishes. It has been going well, but I've wanted a more permanent place for them, so that I could have a collection of them. That way I could see my progress and flip through them while washing dishes and review the ones memorized. I finally found it today! I can't wait to get one ordered and made.


Just en said...

Hey, I was stumbling around OTC's site the other day looking for kids crafts and found their scrapbooking stuff...I didn't know they sold that stuff either! Way cool! They also blog's fun to read, thought you might be interested! :)


Syndee said...

I love their catalog!!

Just en said...

Yeh, it's great! Here, I'll take you right to much more cool stuff on the site and in the blog topics! Enjoy!

Shalae said...

Hey thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out!

Erica said...

Oh wow! It's so cool seeing someone using these. I'm wanting to get organized too, so I'll be making a big binder soon too.