Monday, November 19, 2007

Time for Thanks

It's that time of year again, the one where we actually make a time to be thankful for all that we have been blessed with. How much better would we be if it was everyday that we did this, and not just once a year. I love this time of year though. I love the fall, the smells, all those wonderful things you can make with some pumpkins and just the time of year for family. I've really been enjoying it so far.

This layout was actually for my post at Your Actual, but I wanted to post it here as well. Thao has come up with these great Digital Layout Templates called Storyteller. There are three variations - all about giving thanks, and showing off those blessings that you have. I think they are a great thing to use this time of year, to actually make a visual reminder of what your grateful for. I think they would be really cute resized to 5 x 5 and put on the front of a card to someone.

For this particular one, I decided to focus on being grateful for those things that I absolutely can't stand. Those daily things that NEVER seem to end. Laundry, dirty dishes, my messy office, and crayon artwork all over the walls. The things that I have no patience for and get tired of doing. It's really how you look at them all. You can either see the annoyance, and the aggrevation of it or you can start looking at it as a blessing, which is what I wanted to do here.

It was also a tradition in my home that every Thanksgiving my mom would make up some special treats. One year it was pies. I still remember my brother jumping in the car and jumping over the van seat to get in the back seat only to land in the only peach pie she had made that year which she had made special for our Bishop. That didn't go over well. Every year though each of us thought of one person that we were really grateful for, and we wrote them a note expressing our gratitude and why and then delivered it to them. I am wanting to still continue that tradition now with our kids. So the other day I found these great deals on some cute little tins. (They have a window in the top to view the contents inside, and covered them with some random paper I had and are ready to be filled with treats and delivered with our notes.

Why don't you go tell someone your grateful for them today too.

Supplies used in layout: SS Digital Layouts: Storyteller, Tangerine Dream Collection, Live Merry Collection, Art Journal Collection Biggie, Raw Materials Paper, Earthen Vessel Collection Biggie, Cherish Collection Biggie, Precious Boy Collection Biggie, Paint Strokes Brush Set, Divine Arrows Brush Set.

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