Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good Old Hard Work

Sorry for the absence, we were gone that last couple of days back to Wyoming to help both of our parents work on some projects before the snow and cold weather hit. Beau worked on building a shed for his dad on Friday. Then Saturday was a day helping my parents clean up the yard, clear out the garden, fix lights on the truck, and chopped a bunch of wood for the winter. Boy has it been a while since I've swung an ax. These arms, back and shoulders are feeling muscles they never knew existed. It sure felt good though. There is nothing like good physical labor all day to wear a person out and make you feel productive. It made me even more antsy to get our own place so we can teach our kids how to really work.

Tomorrow is Halloween and this mother is behind on her costume making. Luckily Savannah wanted to be a princess. We have enough princess stuff to dress the whole neighborhood up. Mirian wants to be a snowman. I don't know where she got that one. So I've got to figure out how to rig up a snowman outfit here. Isaac is going as Tigger. Quick and easy since we have a Tigger snow suit for him already, we can just paint his nose black.

I'm hoping to finally get my new collection up in the store today, since I was wanting it done last Thursday. Oh well, no reason to stress about it. Hopefully we can get back on a regular posting schedule here.

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