Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Designing Frenzy

Well yesterday was quite the start for the week. Beau forgot to inform me that the October Fest we were having with his buddies from work, was going to be at our house. Don't you love surprises like that?:) So yesterday was spent mostly cleaning, and then starting on a new collection. I'm really excited about this on - it's so me. I can't wait to show you.

A week later our pumpkins are still sitting on our table waiting to be carved. It's not going to happen this week and after that it's Halloween. We better get on it! Before I have a soggy, rotten mess sitting here.

I posted my art for our new topic yesterday on Your Actual, and have been in a designing frenzy. I have a list that is so long of things I'd like to do. Now I just need to make sure I use my time wisely. The kids and I have some plans for the next couple of days, including a trip to Cabellas. You never knew I was an outdoorsy person did you. You'll find out later the whole purpose for the trip. :) Then for the weekend we're taking off to go visit the Grandparents and help them out with some projects before the snow hits for good!

I finished this collection the other day after our bowling trip as a family. It was a fast one, but I love how they quickly can fall together if I know exactly what I'm doing before I start. There's something to that you know. Drawing everything down and sketching it all out before you start, so you know exactly what to do. Sometimes I just get on the computer and go for it, and end up wasting time when I hit a part that I haven't figured out, or am stumped on embellishments to go with it. There's a lot to say about having a plan to start out with. I need to do better at that.

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Mandy said...

I love this bowling collection. So great!