Friday, June 08, 2007

Proud Mom

What can I say. I'm a proud mom. I was just going through some pictures of mine and ran across this one of Savannah when she was just tiny. Isn't she just the cutest. I have to say that I just think I have some of the cutest kids possible. All of them with their daddy's blue eyes. It's amazing to see how fast they grow and to see how fast Savannah has grown up lately. I was just watching her tonight at the park swinging with Dad and Mirian. I have one year left with her at home before she heads off to school. How fast time has gone by. She has grown up so much is so independent, and so smart. Today she 'surprised' mom who was really tired and sick by helping aunt heather do the dishes and clean the kitchen she was such a big help, and so proud of her surprise. How sometime you wish you could hold time for a moment and sit and really enjoy her at this stage now. That's the same with all my children. There is something just magical and enjoyable about this age. (I'm surprised I'm saying this after having all of the very sick all week.) But they really are. They are such a gift from God and every day I count myself blessed to be able to enjoy life with them. To be such an important person in their life, and experience real joy with them. Here's some of my other two cuties Mirian and Isaac.

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