Sunday, March 25, 2007

Remembering the Great Things of God

The Church has introduced the theme for the 8th International Art Competition to be held in 2009. I entered it a couple of years ago when we were first married in 2002? That was definitely an experience to put Beau through. I'll have to write about that experience sometime. He truly showed his true colors and his support of me and my artwork during that time. He has been more supportive than I could ever imagine with all my creative endeavors. When we were talking in the car over 5 years ago before we were dating and I was telling him the artistic struggle I was having, and he told me "Well you know what your answer is don't you? Get married and he can support you in your artwork." Of course at the time he didn't tell me that he wanted to be that person. Well after our first attempt at the competition I wonder if he regretted having ever thought that. :) He has been wonderful more than I could have ever hoped for.

So we have a new one coming up, I missed the last one as I gave up art with the kids being born thinking that there was no way I would be able to pull out some paints and create anything with toddlers running around. A while ago though I started thinking about doing things digitally and the prospects of doing something there. The more I have been thinking about it and learning new techniques within photoshop, I want even more so to be able to create something for this contest. This time I guess my motives are different, I don't feel the pressure to make it in. I want to enter just because.

I was also so excited about the theme "Remembering the Great Things of God." This last RS general meeting Sister Kathleen H. Hughes gave this talk: "Remembering the Lord's Love" and at the time it hit me really powerful, I sat there listening to her and I just started crying and remembering all the times the Lord has shown me mercy and his love and I started making a list. At the time I wanted to start creating a visual and written book of these experiences to pass onto my children. My legacy of faith of how it's grown.. and for my own rememberance when life is tough. So when I saw the theme for this new year I got really excited. I knew that I wanted to create something based on her talk she gave and the experiences within my own life where the Lord showed me his love - because to me that is truly a great thing of God. His mercy and love. I want it to be personal to me - instead of trying to create some great artwork, I want to do it out of my heart and whether it makes it or not does not matter, it'll be my own expression of what the Lord has done for me in my life.

You can view the 7th international competition here.

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