Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Goodness

I hope you were able to enjoy your father's day weekend. We had a really good one! We enjoyed celebrating Father's day with this amazing father. I honestly had no idea when I decided to marry him what an amazing dad he would be. I have been too blessed to end up with him.

We were trying to decide what to do as a surprise for Father's Day. Friday after a whole day of feeling behind in cleaning and getting anything done in the house, and trying to get kids motivated to clean, I came up with an idea. I got the kids together and told them I thought of something that dad would really, really love for Father's Day. There are (a minimum) of three things that drive him absolutely crazy to have dirty. His Bedroom, the car, and yard. (Like I said these are just a few I'm sure... :)) But all three of those have needed some major care lately. Being 32 weeks pregnant and trying to get other things done, it has just kept getting pushed to the side. There's nothing like a good reason like a surprise to motivate all in the house. We had about 3 hours to tackle all three. We barely made it (except for getting the car actually vacumed). The kids actually did really well helping on all three projects rather than moaning and groaning about it the whole time.

When we finished we sent him on a treasure hunt with clues to the three spots. You've never seen the kids so excited to show him what they had done and to see how happy he was. They felt like they were giving him the world. On Father's Day they picked up the front room really fast to surprise him before his special dinner, and during the pick up Savannah and Mirian were trying to explain to me why dad loved his present so much. Not only was he happy because they were all clean but "Because he knows when we have a clean house, we are happy too! He loves having a happy family" as the other chimed in "because we can feel the spirit when the house is clean and it makes us all happy!" (They might have learned something yet.)

So we were able to enjoy some time together as a family that evening, and then we were able to have a date together on Saturday. We decided to hit a movie at the dollar theatre and chose to see Soul Surfer.

What a great movie. We loved it. Lately I've gotten really tired of all the crap that's in movies lately. I hear a review about a movie and I go look it up on Kids in Mind to find out what exactly is in it to give it the rating, and think... why do I want to see or hear this stuff? So I've really enjoyed it when I get to watch a good uplifting movie. Ones that are usually based on true stories. But really.... I want to hear more of these stories. We have tons of people that have lived amazing lives, gone through incredible and very difficult things. Stories of real people that are more inspiring and can teach us more than some high tech movie from Hollywood. Why aren't we sharing more of these stories out there? If any of you have any suggestions for movies like this I'd LOVE to hear them.

Do anything fun or memorable for your Father's Day? I hope all you fathers out there had an amazing one.

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Laurel said...

Oh my goodness, what great little responses from your kids! They give me hope that kids do actually listen sometimes and it does sink in every now and then! :D

Thanks for sharing such a sweet story.