Thursday, June 16, 2011

Enjoy these Little Things

One thing I've been trying to do this summer is just relax and enjoy my kids. I've been looking forward to the time when they would be home from school and we could just spend time together. So despite the fact that MY bedroom STILL has not gotten clean, I can say I've enjoyed my kids. Here's a few of the things that I've been enjoying lately.

  • The summer reading program - going to the library for books and some of their summer activities. I actually finished one of my 5 summer reading books for the adult summer reading program... let's see if I can get another 4 done. :)
  • Mormon Channel - ( Lately the kids and I have found ourselves listening to it on a regular almost daily basis. There is enough variety that I can usually find something I'm in the mood to listen to, it's always uplifting, and I've learned some really great stuff. Savannah lately has been turning it on to the Friend Preview (a preview of the children's magazine put out by the church.) It's a mixture of stories from the friend, quotes and talks by the apostles, and music. It's short for their attention span, is about 20 minutes, and we have been listening to it while eating lunch, sitting around, Sunday mornings, etc. My kids love it. I personally have enjoyed these specific interviews recently.
  • Watching my kids be kids.
  • Sew Liberated A new book I got for my birthday. (Thanks Heather) I've been getting excited about doing a few projects for it for the new baby.
  • Your Child's Weight; Helping without harming. A book that I've been reading and trying to implement after it's high recommendation from a workshop I attended years ago at the BYU Women's conference. It's about developing healthy family eating habits without being extreme on both sides with food. I needed something to help my kids be healthy and develop healthy eating habits. In it I learned a lot about the way I eat, which has actually helped me realize those issues, and in being 7 months pregnant, I have not put on any extra weight so far, (being that I was already over-weight to begin with.) But I have stayed at a low healthy weight gain for my current weight, and hope to maintain that so when the baby goes, the lbs go with it.
  • Grilled Chicken Salad with feta, fresh corn and blueberries. Tried this yummy recipe last night and enjoyed it. Even Beau didn't think it was too bad. I'm anxious to try out some of the Marlboro Man approved recipes as I think some would definitely appeal to my husband.
So there is a taste of some of my favorites lately... and finally the sunshine that has decided to appear. It's finally feeling like summer.

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Rikosuave said...

Thanks for posting this. I listened to that discussion on wellness and loved it! I'm also curious to read that book about helping kids eat healthy. That's something I worry about. Thanks for sharing!